Our Magicians Are The Cream of The Crop When It Comes To Children’s Entertainment!

Here are 5 important reasons you should consider our magic show services:

  1. Each Magician We Offer Has A Child Abuse History Clearance Through The State of Pennsylvania. This is so important, especially today will all of the horror stories in the news. We can provide you with the magicians clearance certificate during your booking inquiry. You’d be surprised at how many performers don’t bother offering clients this information. A true professional cares enough to provide you the full satisfaction that you can TRUST us!
  2. Fully Insured. The problem with most magic shows and magicians locally is that they don’t perform often enough to warrant themselves purchasing this coverage. We care so much about providing you the best magic show services that every magician we book for you carries full liability insurance. Certificate can be provided upon booking.
  3. Child Friendly And Adults Love It Too! How can this be? Our magical shows are so entertaining that the magicians are always receiving compliments on how much the kids loved the show… but how much the adults got a kick out of it as well! The adults love seeing the children participating, smiling and laughing. The most amazing thing is that many of the adults comment on how the tricks they saw in the show were AMAZING!
  4. When You Book Through Us You Will Know Which Magician Is Coming To Your Event! Many directories and entertainment agencies take a deposit from you up front to book the show but can’t provide details on who the magician is and what he or she looks like! Why? Because they don’t know! They will book your date, take your money… and then call around locally to find a magician…. any magician! It’s scary! No need to worry when using our services as we tell you WHO will be YOUR MAGICIAN and YOU will see WHO they are before even booking the show! We send full details of available performers when you inquire! If our top magician isn’t available, we have a select few who we recommend highly!
  5. You And Your Event Is Our Priority. Since we offer professional magicians and shows, this is what we do… all we know how to do. Providing you the best service in a professional manner from start to finish. From booking ….until the show is over!

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